Shae Loucks Psychotherapy LLC


Ready for a Change?


Shae Loucks MSW, LICSW is a licensed therapist providing services to Minnesota residents by video or phone teletherapy. 

Providing treatment for adults, youth, and families for a variety of mental health and emotional wellness concerns. 



Feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or consumed with stress? I see you. Many people I work with tell me they feel trapped. Their pain has slowly trickled into every aspect of their life, and their relationships/work/school all suffer because of it. 

If you're longing for freedom from intense emotions, or if you're ready to find balance and peace of mind--I'm here to help.

Healing Trauma

You might be here because you've found your past traumas creeping up on you. All those things you'd rather not look at are now bubbling to the surface. Traumas change us--mind, body, and soul. 

I want to partner with you to explore the ways past relationships and traumas are continuing to impact you, and in doing so, help you take your life back. And just so you know, I don't believe you have to get into all of the details or even remember specifics of a trauma to heal from it. 


Therapy is all about finding a good fit. If you've had poor experiences in therapy before, you were likely with a therapist who wasn't your good fit. I work with many folks who did not connect with their previous therapists, but have found a fit in our relationship. I hope you'll reach out to see if we are that fit. 

I specialize in psychodynamic therapy, but I also tailor my approach to each client. Your treatment plan will be entirely individualized and customized according to your personal goals.

This type of therapy seeks to relieve distressing symptoms while strengthening inner resources. Benefits include:

(Bateman & Fonagy, 2013)

I also specialize in a type of therapy called brainspotting (BSP). Click here to learn more.

This type of therapy accesses trauma trapped in the subcortical brain - the part of the brain responsible for consciousness, emotions, motion, and learning. Brainspotting can be ideal for the issues that are unreachable with traditional talk therapy as it's a deeper method that gets at symptoms trapped in the body. This can include high anxiety, trauma, phobias, feeling stuck in a rut, or repeating unhealthy habits. Check out the following link for more information on BSP:

I work best with clients who are ready for a change. They're at a point where they're tired of settling and something needs to give. I've worked with all ages of clients, but I'm most experienced working with: 

Young Professionals

Those in their 20's-30's are one of my favorite groups to work with. They're balancing coming into their own with the realities of living in a recession, while often existing under mass stress and debt. If it appears you have it all together on the outside, but on the inside you're crumbling--I'm speaking to you. 


I also work with many youth (ages 10 and up). My teens and tweens are navigating existing in a world overrun with social media's expectations for who they should be. This age group is governed by the questions "Who am I? Am I good enough?" In therapy, we work to find self value and identity. We want them to learn they are more than enough. On the flip side, I also work with parents to improve parent-child relationships, recognize parenting values, and gain peaceful parenting skills.